Bio-Physical Chemistry meets Molecular Medicine

 Meeting integrated in the CERC3's Young Chemists Workshop series  

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Welcome to the Bio-Physical chemistry meets Molecular Medicine workshop site!

(This page was up-dated January 14 2005)

The workshop in brief:

- Venue: Sesimbra Beach (Sana Park Hotel), Portugal, 1-4 June 2005

 - The scientific program will be built on oral contributions from all participants (20 min presentation + 5 min discussion). Abstract submission deadline: April 15.

 - Each participant will have the opportunity to contribute with a short review or research paper to a special themed issue of Eur. Biophys. J. Submission deadline: May 21.

 - Participation is sponsored by your national research council chemistry committee. Registration payment deadline: March 15.


 The Biophysical Chemistry meets Molecular Medicine workshop is organized by Miguel Castanho on the behalf of CERC3 and is included in the series of Young Chemists’ Workshops (YCW) – CERC3 stands for Chairmen of European Research Councils’ Chemistry Committees.



Aims and scope















Deadlines and abstract    

Call for papers

(Eur.  Biophys. J.)



Sesimbra Beach  


June 1-4, 2005


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